Here’s a teaser for the upcoming projection mapping event. This shows some behind-the-scenes work as well as a couple of moments from the final projection piece.


School Life

The projection mapped animation will have four sections:

  1. Opening – construction. The beginning of the LRCH building
  2. School Life – about the academic and activities aspects of being a high school student, with a historical perspective
  3. The Desegregation Crisis – an artistic take on the events from 1957
  4. Close – the future. Imagery symbolizing the character of the students and their bright future

Here’s a shot from School Life. Note, the perimeter lighting and blue in the windows are not finalized.




It can be difficulty to describe what projection mapping can do to transform a building. This image shows part of the visual theme of light for the LRCH commemoration.



First Animation Experiments

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. This project will map the limestone section of the Little Rock Central High School main entrance.

Central High Projection Mapping Area

The projection will be on the limestone section that features the doors, windows, and statues

A virtual 3D model was built so the artists can bring the building to life.


Virtual 3D model of the limestone section of the building entrance

First animation test of the 3D model virtually re-projected onto the building to make sure that this is going to work. The music in this test is by Blake Tyson, who is composing and recording a score for the animation. 

The windows, doors, and light fixtures do not reflect the projected image well so we need to cover them. The simplest thing to do is cover them with paper like masking for a paint job. Paper and masking or gaffer’s tape won’t harm the finishes and will be quick to apply and remove.

With those areas covered we can project images like this:


Initial blueprint design for telling the story of the construction of the school building

Stay turned for more updates in the coming weeks.